Converting from electrical to gas heatingIf you recently looked at your heating bill and it made the hair on your neck stand up, or it takes forever to transform your home’s temperature from chillingly cold to comfortably cozy, then it’s time to convert your system from electrical to gas! The heating experts at Clay’s Climate Control are here with the 5 benefits you’ll enjoy with a gas conversion, and they’re so good, they may give you goosebumps (the good kind!).

Savings That Are Sweet 

Ever since the energy crisis in 2001, the price of electricity has dramatically increased, and these prices may continue to rise. Stop wasting your money on electric and start saving money by converting your heating system from electric to gas! When you make the switch, you (and your wallet) will enjoy savings up to 70%—pretty sweet deal, right?

Efficiency That is Scary Good

Like most HVAC equipment, the efficiency levels will vary from system to system. With that being said, any gas system will be more efficient than electric. Plus, almost every new gas furnace that is made is typically up to 98% efficient, which will help make your monthly heating bills significantly lower.

Comfort and Reliability Levels That Are a Treat 

Unlike with electric systems, gas systems are able to provide warm air at a register that is drastically warmer than your body’s heat—in fact, its register is at 110+ degrees. This means that a gas furnace is able to quickly change your home from cold to cozy! Plus, you’ll enjoy the added bonus of being able to use your gas furnace when the power goes out, so you can comfortably weather any storm.

Environmental Benefits That Will Lift Your Spirits

By converting your heating system to natural gas, you won’t just be improving your home—you’ll also be making a positive difference in the environment! Not only is natural gas a cleaner burning fuel than oil, but it is also cleaner than electricity and wood. So when you convert your system to gas, you’ll be decreasing your impact on the environment AND reducing the demand for electricity.

A Dressed Up Home That Will Increase in Value 

When a person is in the market for a new home, they will typically look for a home that is capable of being heated (quickly) to a comfortable level, without the high heating bills! And the only way they’ll get this is if a home is equipped with a gas furnace. If you’re looking to increase the value of your home—and gain the many benefits of gas—then schedule your gas conversion appointment today!

Are you ready to enjoy the treat of a gas furnace? We don’t blame you! And as the service experts of south Jersey, we’ll make your sure converting your system is anything but scary. So if you live in south Jersey, contact us today and treat yourself—and your home—by scheduling a gas conversion appointment!

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