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The 3C Maintenance Plan Will Give You and Your Family:

  • Peace of mind
  • Savings on your utility bills
  • Priority service
  • 12% price reduction for all parts and labor if repairs are needed
  • Reduced service charges during normal hours, overtime hours and holidays
  • A more efficient, economical and dependable system for years to come
  • Double the lifespan of the average residential system
  • Reduced or even eliminated health risks
Central Air Conditioning*$161.00$14.30 per month
Central Heating System*$161.00$14.30 per month
(heat pump or gas furnace)
Central Heating & Air Conditioning System*$278.50$25.00 per month
(heat pump or gas furnace)
Mini-Split (Unit & 1st Head)
Each Additional Head
$13.55 per month
$7.73 per month
Basic Gas Boiler Heating System*$161.00$14.30 per month
Basic Boiler Heating System & Central Air*$278.50$25.00 per month
(hot water coil)
Combi Boiler/Hot Water Heater$161.00$14.30 per month
Indirect Hot Water Heater$80.30$7.15 per month
(hot water storage tank)
Tankless Water Heater
*More involved boiler systems such as high efficiency units with multiple zones,
radiant floor heating, hydronic coils, etc. will be assessed and an estimate will be given
to service and maintain. High efficiency condensing boilers and tankless water
heaters require a comprehensive heat exchanger maintenance every two
years per manufacturers specification. This service is an extra charge.
$107.00 $9.50 per month
(Dehumidifiers, Humidifiers, UV Lights, Air Purifiers)
(Per Item)
$4.76 per month
(pads, replacement bulbs, filters and
canisters are not included)
Dryer Vent Cleaning$199.00
Generator Maintenance
(Honeywell and Generac models only; minimum of a 1-year commitment)
$415.20$34.60 per month

*Prices are for 1 zone. Each additional component is $107.

Terms and Conditions The term of the contract is for one year. The contract is not a guarantee against equipment failure. The contract is non-refundable, but may be transferred to a new owner/occupant. The contract is not an extended warranty program. Two types of membership options: annual (auto-renewing, 30-day cancellation notice required) and monthly (30-day cancellation notice required). Sorry, we do not service oil systems. Duct and dryer vent cleaning not included in agreement. Tax is included in all monthly payments only. 

Limitation of Liability for Acts/Omissions of Third Party Contractors In recognition that Clay’s Climate Control, LLC was not the original installer of the equipment to be serviced and cannot discover certain latent defects, the Client agrees, to the fullest extent permitted by law, that Clay’s Climate Control, LLC shall not be held liable for bodily injury or property damage arising out acts or omissions of any and all third party installers or contractors who may have serviced the equipment and Client agrees to waive their rights and their insurance companies right to subrogate against Clay’s Climate Control, LLC or its employees.