This or That — HVAC Edition: Here’s the Difference Between an Air Purifier and Air Scrubber


The quality of the air we breathe has been important for years, but because many of us are spending more time at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, our home’s indoor air quality is more important than ever. Although both an air purifier and air scrubber can provide clean air, just like other HVAC equipment, knowing how they’re different and figuring out which is best for YOUR home is key. The clean air experts at Clay’s Climate Control are here to break down the difference between an air purifier and air scrubber, so you can make the best choice for you and your home!

What an Air Purifier Is

Air purifiers are devices that provide clean air by removing dust, pollen, allergens, and other contaminants from the air. Because an air purifier is equipped with ionization capabilities and a fiber filter that’s electrically charged, these devices capture polluted air, kill the contaminants in it and then release clean air into your home. Having a whole-house air purifier installed into the ductwork in your home is an easy way to improve your home’s indoor air quality. Stop breathing in contaminants — which can cause a variety of health issues, such as coughing, congestion, nose bleeds, headaches, and dry eyes — and start breathing in clean, healthy air!

What an Air Scrubber Is

Similar to air purifiers, air scrubbers also have an ion feature and they are also installed into a home’s ductwork. However, air scrubbers provide clean air differently. Air scrubbers constantly put out negative ions, and as air moves through ductwork, these negatives ions detect contaminants in the air — which are positive ions — and combine with them, forming a heavy particle that is unable to float. When the air turns on again, these heavy particles will blow through the ductwork and get captured in your air filters, leaving your home with better indoor air quality.

How to Know If Your Home Needs an Air Purifier or an Air Scrubber

If you’re looking to change your home’s indoor air quality standards, both an air purifier and air scrubber can help you do so. In fact, both of these devices will improve indoor air quality because they are able to remove up to 99% of air pollutants. Homeowners who like the idea of a device capturing contaminated air inside of itself and producing clean air should go with an air purifier. However, it’s important to note that air purifiers require maintenance, so expect to change its filters every few months. Homeowners who prefer minimal maintenance and would like both their air AND their surfaces clean should opt for an air scrubber. Just remember that air scrubbers do not clean the air within their device but instead clean the air in your space, so just make sure everyone in your home is comfortable with that.

Knowing the difference between an air purifier and air scrubber is the first step in improving your home’s indoor air quality! Once you’ve determined which one you’d prefer, the next step is to contact the service experts of south Jersey — Clay’s Climate Control! Contact us today to schedule an installation with our team today.


Contractor of the year

Clay’s Climate Control —  that has been serving southern New Jersey since 2001 — was named the 2020 Residential Contractor of the Year by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA). This national award — which is given two only two contractors (one for residential, one for commercial) every year — is highly sought after by contractors throughout the country. 

Prior to choosing the Contractor of the Year, a panel of ACCA Past Chairmen determines a group of finalists. This year’s judges were Tony Shaker of Enfinity Partners, Larry Taylor of Taylor Consulting, Greg Leisgang of JonLe Heating & Cooling, Richard Dean of Environmental Systems Associates, Inc., and Stan Johnson from Stan’s Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. Contractors who are considered for this award must meet the ACCA’s criteria, which includes:

  • Delivering excellence 
  • Administering superior heating and air conditioning services 
  • Composing a team of credentialed and well-trained HVAC technicians 
  • Offering friendly, reliable and helpful customer services 
  • Making HVAC services easier for homeowners via a high-quality maintenance plan
  • Being committed to making it easy for customers to do business via technology (IE online booking and a booking app)

Since its inception in 2001, Clay’s Climate Control has been going above and beyond for all of its customers. From the beginning, the owners of Clay’s Climate Control — Clay and Jen Pierce — set out to provide a professional, stress-free experience for HVAC repairs, maintenance or installation. In order to achieve this, their technicians are all NATE and EPA-certified, and they offer 24/7 emergency service, a maintenance plan to make services more affordable, a referral reward payback program and a mobile app that takes the stress out of HVAC services. Now, with the title of Contractor of the Year added to their repertoire, it is safe to say that all of their hard work has been recognized.  

“We are so humbled and honored to receive this award,” said Jen Pierce, adding, “it‘s crazy to think that it was just me and Clay when we started our business 19 years ago. Although we started from scratch with not much business knowledge, the ACCA provided us with resources and tools that taught us the business side, ultimately helping us recognize our untapped potential. Plus, we knew we had a ton of technical knowledge that would enable us to turn our vision into a reality.”

Jen went on to explain this vision, which centered around providing the highest quality of work and changing people’s expectations about the home services industry. “Over the years, we have been fortunate enough to grow and be surrounded by co-workers who have the same vision. If it weren’t for them, we would not have the company we have today, and we thank them for being by our side and sharing this achievement with us.” 

As a family-owned and operated company, Clay and Jen have also made it a priority to support their community, which is why they have been supporting the National Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Association for years. In 2019 alone, Clay’s donated $10,000 to this organization. Additionally, Clay’s is also committed to making local high school students aware of all of the amazing opportunities that are available to them in the trades through a New Jersey Structured Learning Experience at Mainland High School.

In addition to supporting their community, Clay and Jen also recognize that they would not be where they are today without their amazing team. Not only has the Pierce family created a healthy and supportive work environment, but they have also pledged to create 50 new opportunities over the next five years — this pledge involves educating, training and reskilling American workers from high school age to near retirement. 

Being able to add the Residential Contractor of the Year award to their portfolio is a dream come true for Clay’s Climate Control, and they look forward to delivering excellence and living up to this title for years to come.


Keeping Guest's Comfortable

You may not be hosting as many get-togethers as you normally do during the summer, but chances are you’re still having small and responsible socially distanced gatherings. While most of your gatherings will probably be outside, your guests are going to want to escape the heat every now and then, and the only way to do that is to have an HVAC system that’s ready for duty. 

So whether you’re having small gatherings or you’re just staying in with family, the HVAC service experts at Clay’s Climate Control are here with 3 HVAC tips to make your guests comfortable this summer, so you can keep cool and party on!

Keep Calm and Maintenance On

When an air conditioning unit hasn’t been frequently used during the cooler months, it’s important to schedule an air conditioner maintenance appointment before using it full time during the hotter months. By doing this, you will ensure that it’s up for the job of keeping you and all of your guests feeling cool. To make your life easier, schedule your air conditioner maintenance appointment with an HVAC company that offers a maintenance plan. This way, you can easily and affordably keep your air conditioning unit properly maintained. 

Be Cool — Just Service Your Thermostat

Just like HVAC repair services are important, so are thermostat services! If your thermostat hasn’t been serviced in a while, it can result in misreadings, efficiency issues and overconsumption of energy (jacking up your monthly utility bills). Luckily, this can all be avoided by simply calling an HVAC expert and having them service your thermostat. Once your thermostat is good to go, you’ll be happy with how easy it is to keep your home cool. Plus, your air conditioning unit won’t have to work unnecessarily hard, meaning it won’t experience unnecessary wear and tear. 

Chill Out and Consider Upgrading Your AC Unit

Over time, air conditioning units become less efficient due to age and a lack of modern technology. If your unit is between 10 or 15 years old — and you’re finding that you’re scheduling more and more air conditioner repair appointments — you may be better off replacing it. Because today’s units are significantly more efficient, a new unit will be able to keep your home comfortable without having to waste energy — and this isn’t just better for your wallet and comfort levels, but it’s also better for the environment. So stop wasting money on air conditioner repairs and start being confident that your air conditioning system can keep you, your home and your guests comfortable all summer long!

Whether you’re looking to replace your air conditioning unit, maintain your current unit or install a new thermostat, the service experts at Clay’s Climate Control are just a call away! Contact us today to make sure your home’s temperature will make your guests comfortable this summer…and you!


Save money on your electricity bill this summer in South JerseySummer in the northeast is always hot and humid, and an air conditioning system is crucial for helping all of us survive this season. However, pumping that cool air into your home is also known for pumping up your electricity bills — that’s where our HVAC experts come in! As the service experts of south Jersey, we know all of the tips and tricks you need to stay cool AND keep utility bills low. Our experts have come up with four tips for cutting costs on your electricity bills this summer, so keep calm and read on!

Out with the Old, In with the New 

Just as technology gets better and better every year, so do air conditioning units, and if yours is ten years older or more, then it’s time for air conditioner replacement. You see, as air conditioning units age, they have to work harder to produce the cool air you want, hiking up your energy bills. Although you will need to spend money on an air conditioner replacement, it WILL save you money in the long run, because the new unit will be more efficient. To ensure you get the most savings possible, opt for the most highly efficient units from the industry’s leaders, such as Trane, Mitsubishi Electric or Ruud. 

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat Now, Reap the Benefits Later 

Not only do programmable thermostats improve your comfort while you’re in your home, but they also improve your savings when you’re NOT in your home! Because programmable thermostats adapt to your schedule, it will turn off when you’re not home and turn on when you get home, preventing you from wasting energy AND money. All you need to do is program your thermostat to your schedule, and you can start saving money. 

Stop Neglecting Your Unit’s Air Filters 

Air filters are the component that prevents dirt, dust and other contaminants from circulating throughout your home by absorbing them instead. However, air filters quickly become clogged with all of these particles, which is why monthly air filter cleaning is recommended. Air filters that haven’t been cleaned or replaced in a while will prevent a unit from being able to easily disperse cool air, making your unit work harder, and therefore, wasting energy. Additionally, dirty air filters impact your home’s indoor air quality, which can lead to a variety of health concerns. To avoid this, you should schedule an air filter installation appointment with a professional HVAC team ASAP. 

Check Air Vents and Make Sure They’re in Good Condition 

In regards to your unit’s air vents, when we say “good condition,” we mean two things: 

  1. Make sure that they are clean
  2. Make sure that they are open

Far too often, homeowners don’t realize that their air vents have been shut, and whether it happens accidentally or for cleaning purposes, closed air vents can impact your home’s comfort level. When this happens — and the air vents aren’t checked — homeowners may crank the air conditioning, which won’t do much except increase your utility bill that month. Fortunately, this is an easy fix: just don’t forget to make sure your air vents are open! Plus, clean air vents increase the chances that clean air will flow out of them, so be sure to keep cleaning them and make sure you open them back up when you’re finished. 

Now that you have these helpful tips for cutting your electricity bills this summer, it’s time to call the experts at Clay’s Climate Control! From air conditioner replacements to air filter installations, air conditioning repairs to programmable thermostats installation, our team will make sure your home is comfortable AND energy-efficient. Contact us today!


Healthcare Worker Air Conditioner Giveaway ContestClay’s Climate Control—a family-owned and operated HVAC company that serves southern New Jersey—hosted an air conditioning giveaway contest throughout the month of May, and on June 1st, they announced that the lucky winner was Kristy Dennison. Kristy typically works at the Cape May Court House Surgery Center, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, this surgery center has been temporarily closed. However, Kristy didn’t waste any time finding a new place for her to give her services to and get involved, so the day after the surgery center closed, she immediately went to work in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at AtlantiCare in Atlantic City, NJ. 

This contest was set up because the owners at Clay’s Climate Control, Clay and Jen Pierce, wanted to thank the frontline healthcare workers for all of the work they have been doing to fight the spread of COVID-19. On May 1st, 2020, voting was opened and nominations were sent in throughout the entire month. After reading Kristy’s nomination letter, which was submitted by Michael Davis, it was clear that she is an exceptional individual who has gone above and beyond during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

“[Kristy] could have sat back and collected unemployment or waited for AtlantiCare to send her some place else, but instead, she reached out to the ICU where she spent 10 years and where her talents could be best used to help those in this time of need,” stated Davis in his nomination letter. “[Kristy] has been working 4, 5 and 6 days a week since the shutdown and has offered to pick up shifts, days and nights, in Atlantic City or Mainland or wherever the need has been.” 

In addition to putting in countless overtime hours during the coronavirus crisis, Davis also acknowledged the fact that Kristy gave up her Mother’s Day to work in the ICU. She made this decision after learning that the emergency room was “bursting at the seams” and was also anticipating an increase in COVID-19 patients from a nursing home. 

According to Davis’s nomination letter, Kristy’s home “has an AC unit that is 30-years-old and has had an issue each season,” forcing her to waste her money on repair after repair. Clay and Jen knew that this was a person who was not only deserving of being recognized for all of her hard work, but was also deserving of a new air conditioning unit. 

“We were fortunate to be able to continue working through COVID-19 as an essential business,” said Jen Pierce, owner and General Manager at Clay’s Climate Control. “Giving back and recognizing the heroes in our community was very important to us, especially during this time.” Jen commented that they received many nominations throughout the month for healthcare workers who were doing their best to keep people safe and were deserving of winning. However, she went on to explain that the judges who picked the winner “chose Kristy because of the selflessness she showed. After reading her nomination letter, we were equally as excited to replace her 30-year-old unit and let her know how appreciative we are of everything she’s been doing for others throughout this pandemic.” 

Clay’s Climate Control is no stranger to giving back to its community. In fact, they are an avid supporter and donor to the National Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Association—a cause they have been supporting for five years and donated $10,000 to last year. Additionally, in September of 2019, they set up a giveaway contest similar to this one where they gave away a free furnace installation to a first responder. It is clear that Clay’s Climate Control is there for its community in many ways and is always looking for ways to give back to those who go above and beyond to keep the community—and the people in it—safe.  


Going Ductless Benefits

Sure, we all love posting our throwback posts, feeling nostalgic with record players and driving classic cars, but when it comes to your HVAC system, you don’t want to stick with the “old school” systems. Not only are they lacking in efficiency, but they’re also becoming money pits AND having negative impacts on the environment — this is why ductless systems are all the rage! The experts at Clay’s Climate Control are here with five reasons to go ductless this summer, so you can leave the nostalgia for other things and reap the benefits of this latest innovation today.

Get More Solutions with Less Work 

Unlike old school heat pumps and air conditioning systems — which cool and heat a home through air ducts — ductless heating and cooling systems send room-to-room cool or warm air straight out into specific zones. Because ductless heating and cooling systems consist of small outdoor units and one or more indoor units, all they require for installation are mounting areas and easy access to electricity. Thanks to their flexibility, one of the many benefits of ductless HVAC systems is that they can quickly, easily and affordably be installed, so you can finally replace that window unit, space heater or electric baseboard heater. Plus, because they cool and warm a specific zone, they can also be utilized by any home or business space, no matter the size.

Save Money Without Sacrificing Comfort 

Perhaps one of the best benefits of a ductless HVAC system is its money-saving benefit. Home’s that depend on a system that is not energy-efficient experience high utility bills — this is because their inefficient system has to work so much harder to achieve the temperature the homeowner or business owner is hoping to achieve. In contrast, ductless systems are the most affordable HVAC systems! Why? Well, not only are they smaller than old school systems, but they also deliver room-to-room temperature, which means no cooling or heating benefits are lost, and you’ll have the freedom to just warm or cool the rooms you’re currently occupying. In addition to their money-saving benefits, those who install them are eligible to receive a tax credit or utility rebate for the year of the installation. 

Enjoy Better Indoor Air Quality at Home

More often than not, indoor air quality (IAQ) is often worse than outdoor air quality, and due to the current climate of today’s world, air quality has never been more important than it is right now. If you have an old school HVAC system, the air ducts need to be routinely cleaned and maintained by an HVAC professional. If they haven’t been, all of the contaminants that fill up the air ducts are being blown into your home/business, leading to poor IAQ. When it comes to a ductless system, you’ll get to enjoy less maintenance AND a noticeable decrease in the dust, bacteria, pollen and other contaminants that circulate through your air at home or at work. 

Installation is Quick and Easy 

When you had your current system installed, do you remember how long it took? Chances are it took several weeks and the project probably interrupted your everyday life activities, making it a nuisance. Fortunately, another benefit of a ductless HVAC system is that it is significantly easier to install — in fact, most can be installed, operated and enjoyed within just one day! Plus, mini-split systems typically only require small holes to fit pipes into, so you won’t have to worry about having to rebuild a wall or area of your ceiling. 

Increase Comfort While Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Not only are ductless systems the most affordable HVAC systems, but they’re also the most eco-friendly! These systems adhere to ENERGY STAR guidelines —  a program run by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to promote energy efficiency — and utilize a refrigerant known as R410A. This particular refrigerant is best known for having zero depletion effects on the earth’s ozone layer. so when you have one installed, you won’t just be helping your home/business and bottomline — you’ll also be reducing your carbon footprint and helping the environment.

Now that you know five reasons to go ductless this summer, contact the team at Clay’s Climate Control today! We proudly work with Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating — a leader in innovation and design — which means that you will get the highest quality of home heating and cooling solutions possible. Contact us today!


Understanding whether to repair or replace you HVAC unit in South JerseySummer will be here before we know it and getting your HVAC ready to beat the heat can be complicated. If you are experiencing issues, your unit may need repairs, or it might be time to replace it. Lucky for you, the HVAC experts at Clay’s Climate Control are here with simple guidelines to help you figure out which option is best for your unit this year. 

Take the Unit’s Age into Consideration 

When it comes to an HVAC system, its age is one of the most important factors for figuring out if it’s time for an HVAC repair or air conditioner replacement. Here’s a little equation to help you determine if it’s best to repair or replace your unit this year:

  • Take the age of your HVAC unit and multiply it with the cost of the repair

If the total comes out to more than $5,000, we recommend scheduling an air conditioner replacement; if the unit is 10 years old, but the repair cost is, $350 (equaling $3,500), you should schedule an HVAC repair appointment. 

Figure Out if Energy Efficiency is Up to Snuff

Just like any other piece of technology, HVAC technology has vastly improved over the years. Because of this, EnergyStar recommends replacing HVAC units that are ten years older to ensure that energy efficiency doesn’t impact monthly costs. If your unit is ten years or older or you’re noticing that your monthly bills are higher, it may be time for an air conditioner replacement. However, if you’re finding that your unit is taking longer to achieve your perfect level of comfort, contact us to assess if you need an HVAC repair or replacement. 

Be Conscious of Cost

The cost of an HVAC repair vs. an HVAC replacement is one of the biggest concerns for people.  For many people, the cost of their monthly energy bills is a key factor that helps them determine how cost-effective their HVAC unit is. Whatever the reason may be for constant HVAC repairs (old unit, not energy-efficient, lack of maintenance, etc.), the cost of repairs can quickly add up. If you’re seeing a spike in your monthly energy bills — or you’re tired of paying for constant HVAC repairs — it’s time to replace your unit. 

Now that you know if repairing or replacing is best for your HVAC unit, the team at Clay’s Climate Control can help with all of your repair and replacement needs. Plus, we can help you find an affordable air conditioner that will meet your budget while still being energy efficient. Contact us today!


hvac system more efficient

Making your South Jersey HVAC system more efficient

This week marked the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, and if this eco-friendly holiday got you thinking about ways YOU can improve the earth, making your HVAC system more efficient is a great place to start! The HVAC experts at Clay’s Climate Control are here with tips to help you accomplish this, so you can get a green — oops, we mean gold — star for having a home that’s more eco-friendly and energy efficient!

Schedule Consistent HVAC Tune-Ups to Enhance Efficiency 

Overtime, an HVAC system can get worn down, and when this happens, it becomes less efficient and has to work harder to produce energy. This means that your HVAC equipment is wasting energy, which can impact the environment AND your wallet. Fortunately, scheduling an HVAC tune-up is an easy way to improve this! It’s also important to note that if you haven’t been changing your system’s air filters on a routine basis, you should request an air filter replacement when you schedule your HVAC tune-up appointment.

Install a Programmable Thermostat to Be More Green 

Sometimes you need to spend a little green to be more green, and when it comes to investing in a programmable thermostat, you’ll quickly see — and feel — how worth it this is! When your home is equipped with a programmable thermostat, you can set it to your habits, meaning it will automatically change to the temperature you want when you’re home and when you’re not. Investing in this new technology will mean you’ll be wasting less heating and cooling energy, and the environment — and your monthly utility bill — will reap the benefits. 

Become More Eco-Friendly By Replacing Your HVAC System 

Just as HVAC systems lose their efficiency overtime due to lack of maintenance (IE HVAC tune-ups!), they often hit an age where an HVAC replacement is more beneficial (and eco-friendly!) than HVAC maintenance. If you’re finding that you’re constantly having to bring in an HVAC expert to service your HVAC system, this is the time when you may want to consider an HVAC replacement. By doing this, you’ll save money in the long run. Plus, the HVAC systems these days are typically more efficient than the ones from 15 years ago (which is most likely when yours is from!), so you’ll get a newer, more efficient system, which will be easier on the environment and your bank account. 

Inspect Ductwork to Help Make Your Home More Efficient  

Whether your ductwork hasn’t been inspected in awhile or it’s getting up there in age, if it’s cracked or damaged in areas, the air that’s being produced will leak through, which will waste energy, increase utility bills and decrease comfort levels in your home. To avoid this, you should have your ductwork inspected as soon as possible. By doing so, you will ensure that your home is not wasting any energy and it is able to achieve a comfortable temperature in every room. If you want to get the most bank for your buck, you may want to opt for a ductless system by Mitsubishi Electric. Not only will this system help you achieve an optimal comfort level in your home, but it will do without breaking the bank. 

Earth Day may have come and gone, but now that you have these four tips to make your HVAC system efficient, you’ll be sure to be even more eco-friendly for the next one! If you need help with an air filter replacement, would like to schedule an HVAC tune-up or are interested in setting up an HVAC replacement appointment, the Clay’s Climate Control team is here to help. Contact us today!


air quality frequently asked questions

Air pollutants, such as carbon monoxide, cigarette smoke, fossil fuels etc., have long been a concern to many people, but the COVID-19 pandemic has opened even more eyes to the impact that air can have on people’s lives. Although many of us are actively protecting ourselves right now from the air while we’re outside — and cleaning our hands excessively — not everyone is thinking about cleaning the air in their home after they’ve come back inside. While we’re not saying this is making you more susceptible to developing COVID-19, the air quality in your home can make you more susceptible to other health issues, such as asthma, congestion, nosebleeds, headaches and more. If the coronavirus pandemic has sparked questions about air quality in your home — and how to improve it — the experts at Clay’s Climate Control are here with answers to the common questions about air quality and how air cleaners can help. 

Q: How does an air cleaner work?

A: Everyday, irritants such pollen, dust and other allergy-causing contaminants circulate through the air in your home, but air cleaners have the ability to filter these particles out. With that being said, an air cleaner can only capture the particles that are floating through the air and pass through the air cleaner, meaning that, for example, it will not eliminate dust that is covering furniture. However, a high-quality air cleaner will:

  • Get rid of allergy-causing particles that go through the air cleaner
  • Operate efficiently and consistently
  • Operate affordably 
  • Handle large volumes of air easily 

It’s important to note that air quality — specifically bacteria, mold and viruses — thrive in humid environments. With the humid weather of summer around the corner, an air cleaner will drastically decrease the risk of these contaminants thriving in your home. 


Q: How do air cleaners help with allergies?

A: If you or someone you know suffers from allergies, more often than not, a doctor will state that one of the best treatments is to get rid of the allergen. When you incorporate an air cleaner into your home, you will be able to successfully reduce the amount of allergy-causing contaminants in the air, if not remove them altogether. Whether you choose a portable air cleaner for a small bedroom or a whole-house air cleaner for a larger space, you will see — and feel! — a noticeable improvement in your allergy symptoms. 


Q: What are the different types of air cleaners?

A: When it comes to residential air cleaners, there are two different types:

  1. Whole-house units that are furnace-mounted
  2. Portable units for single room use

Within these two types, there are a variety of models with different air cleaning methods, which is why it’s best to first consider your living situation. For instance, if you live in an apartment, a portable air cleaner may be adequate; if you live in a home, you may want to opt for a whole-house unit. 

We hope that our air quality Q & A was helpful, but if you have any additional questions — or would like to schedule an air cleaner installation appointment with us — please don’t hesitate to contact Clay’s Climate Control!


In the wise words of Mugatu: “Water heaters…so hot right now.” Okay, maybe that’s not the exact line from Zoolander, but the truth is your water heater is what makes your home comfortable to live and function in — it keeps your water hot for doing dishes, washing your face, taking showers, relaxing in the bathtub and so water heater replacementmuch more. So, the water heater experts at Clay’s Climate Control are here with tips on how to choose the right water heater replacement for you — this way you can keep your comfort level up and your monthly costs down!


First Figure Out Fuel Availability, Then Figure Out Fuel Type

These days, there are many different types of fuel source options. However, different fuel sources are available in different parts of the country, so here’s a quick breakdown of the fuel options and which areas can utilize them: 


  • Electricity: Available in all parts of the U.S., this fuel source is a great option for electric tankless water heaters. 


    • Fuel oil: If you’re replacing your current system with a conventional one, this fuel type will work and is available in some parts of the U.S. 


  • Geothermal energy: Although it’s a more environmentally friendly option, this is only applicable to home’s that have — or will have — a geothermal system installed.  
  • Natural gas: This is a great option in most parts of the U.S. and can fuel conventional water heaters and tankless water heaters. 
  • Propane: Available in most parts of the U.S., this fuel source will work for tankless water heaters, conventional systems and combination water and space heating systems
  • Solar energy: If you’re looking for the greenest fuel source, this one’s for you! However, it’s availability throughout the U.S. is limited — it’s most popular in the southwest — and can only be used for solar water heaters. 



In This Case…Size Matters 

Jokes aside, when you’re ready for a water heater replacement, you have to figure out which size will best serve you and your household. Too small and you won’t get enough hot water; too big and you’ll be wasting your money. To ensure your water heater replacement is a success for your comfort AND your wallet, it’s best to rely on the knowledge of water heater experts


Remember: Energy Efficiency Makes Everything That Much Better 

Whatever your reason may be for your water heater replacement, you’re going to want to replace your current unit with one that’s energy-efficient, so you can enjoy a system that saves you green (both environmentally and financially!). While there are a lot of energy-efficient water systems these days, we personally love electric tankless water heaters because they only heat water when you turn on the hot water tap. 


Calculate Costs Now, Save Money Later 

Before you commit to buying a new water heater, it’s important to figure out what the annual operating costs will be of the different systems you are considering. We know, we know, calculating costs can be time consuming, but determining the costs now will be worth it in the long run! 


If you’re still not confident that you’ll choose the right water heater replacement for you, don’t worry — the team at Clay’s is always here to help! Contact us today to schedule your water heater replacement appointment.