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Never Worry About Losing Power with an Automatic Standby Generator!

Nowadays, the majority of household products used on a daily basis require electricity. From our refrigerators to lights, entertainment to HVAC systems, the need for consistent and reliable electricity is essential. However, when heavy storms and high winds hit our residential areas, power outages are bound to occur. What if you could better protect your home from losing power during these moments? Although we can’t control the weather, we can be in control of implementing a surefire backup plan!

We are excited to be able to assist our customers with this great product from Honeywell that will put your mind at ease the next time a storm is in the forecast. When you invest in a whole-home generator installation, you can ensure that your necessities, conveniences, and amenities are available to you and backed up when the power goes out!

Within seconds, Honeywell’s home backup generators kick in when power is lost, restoring your home back to normal in record time. Whether you decide to select a backup option from an essential circuit or choose entire whole-house coverage, every home with a Honeywell automatic standby generator installation is guaranteed to weather the storm!

Benefits of a Honeywell Automatic Standby Generator Installation:

  • Starts up automatically with a loss of power and will keep running until power is restored.
  • Honeywell home backup generators can be hooked up right to your gas line, no additional fuel is needed!
  • Includes WiFi connectivity and a sturdy, all-weather aluminum enclosure, giving you the confidence you need for maintaining power in your home.
  • Designed with PrecisionPower™ Technology that supplies clean and smooth operation.
  • WhisperCheck™ self-test mode operates at a lower RPM for a brief 5-minute test, is exponentially quieter than competing brands, and consumes less fuel.
  • Includes a 5 year parts warranty
  • Gain access to a 24/7/365 customer support team to address any questions or concerns you may have in a timely manner.

Honeywell’s Automatic Standby Generator comes with various transfer switch options, granting you the ability to control your system’s power management:

  • Honeywell Sync™ Smart Transfer Switch – allows coverage of two air conditioners without the need of supplemental components (up to whole house coverage).
  • Pre-wired 16 Circuit Transfer Switch – a cost-effective, easy install option for critical coverage (for use with the 10 kW or 13 kW systems only).

Interested in an automatic standby generator for your property? Call Clay’s Climate Control NOW to schedule a FREE ESTIMATE for a generator that will fit your home!

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