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Biggest Mistakes in Heating That Cost You Money

common heating mistakesThe cold weather has arrived here in New Jersey, and for most homeowners, it’s time to turn their residential heating system on and their thermostats up. But, keeping warm during the winter can be costly. In fact, according to Energy Star, heating your home accounts for the largest part of your utility bill, typically about 30%. No matter what type of heating system you have in your house, you can save money and increase your comfort by avoiding these common heating mistakes every homeowner makes. 

Residential Heating Mistakes to Avoid This Season 

These common home heating missteps are often easy fixes but can really add up in the long run if not addressed appropriately. Luckily, taking the steps to optimize your home heating with Clay’s Climate Control can help you save money and mitigate the risk of system repairs and failures. Below we highlight four common errors people make during the wintertime.  

Letting drafts in and warm air out.

Walk over to your front door or sit on the couch next to your windows; do you feel a chilly breeze? Allowing warm air to escape through gaps in your windows and doors puts a significant strain on your heating system. Fortunately, this is one of the easiest mistakes to resolve. Installing draft stoppers, caulking, or weatherproofing around drafty doors and windows seals gaps and blocks cold air and moisture from entering your home. 

Setting the thermostat too high.

Many homeowners believe setting their thermostat to a higher temperature will ensure their home warms up faster. But this is a common mistake and a big winter heating no-no. Regardless of what temperature you set inside your home, it has no reflection on how quickly your home’s temperature will change. Cranking up the thermostat actually increases the wear and tear on your system because it’s working overtime to heat your home. Instead, to keep warm and lower your energy bill, try setting the thermostat at a reasonable temperature and leaving it there.

Closing vents and doors in unused rooms.

It makes sense to close vents and doors in unused rooms, right? Wrong! Unfortunately, doing so puts extra stress on your heating system. Not only that, closing vents in unoccupied rooms can cause circulation problems that lead to expensive repairs. Instead, try slightly closing vents in unused rooms to increase efficiency and ventilation. 

Neglecting HVAC services.

Like most systems and appliances throughout your home, maintenance is essential to ensure everything continues to run smoothly and efficiently. Neglecting critical system maintenance for your home heating system can put a substantial strain on your unit and end up costing you in the long run. When you schedule annual HVAC maintenance, your technician will inspect your system, lubricate moving parts, change your filter, and replace any damaged wiring. Keeping your unit maintained will increase your system’s efficiency and lower your heating bills this season. 

Superior HVAC Services by Clay’s Climate Control 

Avoid a high energy bill each month this winter by avoiding these common mistakes. If you have questions about the efficiency of your current system or need to schedule a heating service or repair, don’t hesitate to contact our team. Our mission is to keep you and your family comfortable all season with expert and affordable HVAC services. Give us a call at 609-916-1106, and we’ll handle it all!