Girlbosses, SheEOs, Boss Ladies—there’s no denying that the future is bright for women, but it’s especially bright in the HVAC industry. With a serious demand for new technicians, a solid starting salary, and a wide variety of career tracks to choose from, the HVAC industry is looking more and more attractive every year. At Clay’s Climate Control, we know how rewarding and lucrative an HVAC career is, so here are three reasons why women should work in HVAC.

Like a Good Bra, This Industry is Secure

Back in 2015, the national labor force consisted of 57% women—of which only 1.7% were working in HVAC. But because of increasing retirement rates, the HVAC industry is in dire need of technicians—115,000 by 2022, to be exact—making women a hot commodity and presenting a situation that they should be ready to take advantage of. Plus, with a reported average salary of $47,610 a year, women can break the glass ceiling and start out making some serious dough.

With Countless Opportunities, Women Can Choose the Path They Want

Gone are the days of being stuck in one career path—with HVAC, women can start out on one path and transition into a new one. From becoming a service technician to taking ownership of a family-operated business, working as an installation mechanic to start their own business, the career opportunities in HVAC are endless.

There’s Movement Towards a Bright Future

Unlike many industries these days, the HVAC industry is actually growing at an extremely fast rate—and by “extremely fast,” we mean that it’s expected to reach $120 billion by 2022. Thankfully, the percentage of women working in HVAC is also growing, putting them in high-demand for hiring. So whether you’re a woman looking to work as an HVAC distributor, engineer, office manager, salesperson, or technician (or countless other areas), your future looks bright.

Are you interested in starting a career in HVAC? Here at Clay’s Climate Control, we’re always on the lookout for friendly and skilled technicians to join our team. And because we provide weekly trainings for our team, your already desirable skillset can continue to grow. Contact us to learn more or apply for a spot on our team today!

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