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Should You Have Your HVAC System Serviced Yearly?

hvac maintenance The short answer is – yes. HVAC units are complicated systems that serve a vital role in our homes. They have many components, and one part malfunctioning can affect the entire system. Heating and cooling systems also work hard and naturally wear down over time. While your air conditioner and heating system might operate within the same system, they work differently, and keeping up with the maintenance of each function is important. As a good rule of thumb, HVAC services should be performed at least once a year by a reliable professional. Our team at Clay’s Climate Control put together a helpful guide to help you keep track of your HVAC services and the best time to schedule maintenance based on the system in your home.

Air Conditioner

Every HVAC expert will tell you to schedule your air conditioning service in the spring. The temperatures are starting to get warm enough to test your air conditioning, but not so extreme you’d be uncomfortable if it needs repairs. You should always plan AC maintenance before it gets too hot. 


The opposite of air conditioning, your furnace should be scheduled in the fall, before it gets too cold. You may need to kick your heat on for a chilly night or two before winter, so services should be scheduled before the extreme cold. 

Heat Pumps

A heat pump works similarly to an air conditioner. However, instead of just removing heat from your home like an AC unit, heat pumps can also warm your home by adding heat from the outside. Because heat pumps are used all year long to heat your home during the winter and cool your home during the summer, they experience twice as much wear and tear. Because of this, heat pumps should be serviced twice a year, about every six months. The ideal time would be once in the spring and once in the fall. 

Benefits of HVAC Maintenance

Even if you think your heating and cooling are working fine, an underlying issue might be developing. When a minor breakdown is not caught early, it can lead to more expensive repairs. Yearly tune-ups will ensure your system is operating at peak efficiency, and help to extend the lifespan of your HVAC system. Additionally, when your HVAC system is working properly it will help keep your utility bills lower. 

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When it is time for your annual heating and cooling services, trust Clay’s Climate Control with your tune-ups, repairs, replacements, and AC maintenance. We pride ourselves on delivering timely and efficient service to all our customers and have established a reputation for customer service and professionalism. Our team of experts will offer convenient scheduling and keep open communication every step of the way. We never compromise when it comes to your comfort and ensure your HVAC system is ready for whatever season is next to keep you comfortable in your home. To schedule an appointment for your HVAC service, call 609-916-1106 today!

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