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The Benefits of a “Tankless” Water Heater Installation – Linwood, NJ

Hot water is something every home needs. Unless you’re someone who enjoys taking freezing cold showers, you rely on your water heater to perform it’s essential functions. Many Americans report the common problems that arise with standard water heaters, including low hot water pressure, waiting for water to heat up, and the water losing it’s heat after several or simultaneous showers. But did you know that traditional tank water heaters are less efficient, less durable, and more expensive monthly than tankless ones? Our team at Clay’s Climate Control has years of experience in tankless water heater installations, improving the efficiency of your water heating system, and saving you money in the long run. We’ve serviced hundreds of homes in Linwood, and all across South Jersey! 

 What is a “tankless heater”?

Tankless water heaters offer proven advantages to the storage tank water heaters common in most households. Tankless water systems instantly heat water as it flows through them. Immediately after turning on the hot water tap, cold water travels through pipes while electric or gas elements heat it. Unlike a tank, they do not retain any internal water and do not produce “stand-by” energy.

Less energy, less money: 

Storage tank water heaters can store upwards of 50 gallons of water at a time. Whenever you require hot water in your home, for taking a shower or using the dishwasher, the tank constantly has to reheat all of the water insides, even though only a small portion of the tank is needed. Clay’s technicians specialize in tankless water heater installations that will dramatically reduce the amount of energy used to produce every-day hot water. When your system uses less energy to produce heated water only when you need it, you surely will notice decreases on your energy bills! 

Dependable, durable, and space-efficient: 

Tankless heaters can accommodate the water needs of large families, and even are proven to have much longer lifespans. They can last up to two times longer than traditional tank systems, and when they do eventually need to be replaced, our contractors at Clay’s can provide immediate services. Tankless heaters also take up much less storage space in your home than standard bulky tanks do, making them perfect for homes that are smaller or don’t need as much hot water as a large family does. 

Quick and direct:

Tankless water heaters are often known as “on-demand” heaters because they only heat up your water when you turn on the hot water tap. This makes sure that your hot water is available in seconds, and you don’t need to wait the extra minutes that older water heaters take. 

 If you’re going snorkeling, we’d suggest you use a tank. We don’t feel the same way about your water heaters, though! Our contractors and technicians have been proudly servicing Linwood residential homes for over 20 years. Making the decision to switch your home’s water heating system is a big one, let us provide you with the right expertise to help you make it. Contact Clay’s Climate Control today to start planning your installation, and learn more reasons why you should go “tankless.” 609-916-1106

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