Why a Generator is a Great Investment

generator servicesStorms and unpredictable weather always tend to happen at the most inconvenient times, and in the wired world we live in, the absence of electricity is inimical. But, just like any obstacle in life, a power outage does have ways to overcome. A whole-home generator or automatic standby generator can be the rescuing you need when the power goes out. The techs here at Clay’s Climate Control are geared up and ready to share why a generator is a great investment for your home! 

Save Your Fridge 

Power outages are not easy to predict, and they certainly do not wait until your fridge is bare to strike. When the power goes out, all the produce and other food products within your fridge immediately begin to lose their chill and ultimately end up spoiled and ready to be taken to the trash. A whole-home generator is a perfect solution to restore power to not only your home’s major appliances but all power-needed devices! No extra grocery store runs are needed with a generator! 

Avoid the Flood

If you have a sump pump in your basement, make sure to be aware that the power outage occurring is no longer your only inconvenience. Without electricity, sump pumps do not function properly and can lead to major flooding in the basement of your home. To steer clear of this additional problem, an automatic standby generator can take this issue off your hand and keep your sump pump running.

Stay Connected

Whether the storm is just passing through or will remain over the area for a few days, staying connected with loved ones is something all homeowners want to access. Having a generator connected to your home when the power goes out will allow you to remain connected with the outside world. Just as unpredictable power outages can be, so can emergencies, and generators are the perfect solution to keeping in contact! An automatic standby generator will restore power to your internet routers. 

Increase Value of the Home 

When deciding to buy a generator for your home, the cost is the first thing to be considered before purchasing, and lucky for you, generators create future equity for you and your home! When you and your family are ready to settle in a new home, having a generator on site of the for-sale house will increase the sale price as well as the scoop of buyers. So not only are you investing in your family’s comfortability when buying a generator but future income as well.

Clay’s Climate Control Generator Services 

Take power back into your own hands when you give Clay’s Climate Control a call today about your generator installation needs! Our highly trained techs are ready to answer any questions you may have about which generator will best suit your home and family needs and the installation process. When choosing to work with Clay’s Climate Control, you’ll receive timely and superior service, all in an affordable manner! If you’re ready to keep your power on all year long, contact our team today at 609-916-1106. We look forward to serving you!