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Spend Less, Save More: Four Expert Tips For Cutting Costs on Your Electricity Bills This Summer

Save money on your electricity bill this summer in South JerseySummer in the northeast is always hot and humid, and an air conditioning system is crucial for helping all of us survive this season. However, pumping that cool air into your home is also known for pumping up your electricity bills — that’s where our HVAC experts come in! As the service experts of south Jersey, we know all of the tips and tricks you need to stay cool AND keep utility bills low. Our experts have come up with four tips for cutting costs on your electricity bills this summer, so keep calm and read on!

Out with the Old, In with the New 

Just as technology gets better and better every year, so do air conditioning units, and if yours is ten years older or more, then it’s time for air conditioner replacement. You see, as air conditioning units age, they have to work harder to produce the cool air you want, hiking up your energy bills. Although you will need to spend money on an air conditioner replacement, it WILL save you money in the long run, because the new unit will be more efficient. To ensure you get the most savings possible, opt for the most highly efficient units from the industry’s leaders, such as Trane, Mitsubishi Electric or Ruud. 

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat Now, Reap the Benefits Later 

Not only do programmable thermostats improve your comfort while you’re in your home, but they also improve your savings when you’re NOT in your home! Because programmable thermostats adapt to your schedule, it will turn off when you’re not home and turn on when you get home, preventing you from wasting energy AND money. All you need to do is program your thermostat to your schedule, and you can start saving money. 

Stop Neglecting Your Unit’s Air Filters 

Air filters are the component that prevents dirt, dust and other contaminants from circulating throughout your home by absorbing them instead. However, air filters quickly become clogged with all of these particles, which is why monthly air filter cleaning is recommended. Air filters that haven’t been cleaned or replaced in a while will prevent a unit from being able to easily disperse cool air, making your unit work harder, and therefore, wasting energy. Additionally, dirty air filters impact your home’s indoor air quality, which can lead to a variety of health concerns. To avoid this, you should schedule an air filter installation appointment with a professional HVAC team ASAP. 

Check Air Vents and Make Sure They’re in Good Condition 

In regards to your unit’s air vents, when we say “good condition,” we mean two things: 

  1. Make sure that they are clean
  2. Make sure that they are open

Far too often, homeowners don’t realize that their air vents have been shut, and whether it happens accidentally or for cleaning purposes, closed air vents can impact your home’s comfort level. When this happens — and the air vents aren’t checked — homeowners may crank the air conditioning, which won’t do much except increase your utility bill that month. Fortunately, this is an easy fix: just don’t forget to make sure your air vents are open! Plus, clean air vents increase the chances that clean air will flow out of them, so be sure to keep cleaning them and make sure you open them back up when you’re finished. 

Now that you have these helpful tips for cutting your electricity bills this summer, it’s time to call the experts at Clay’s Climate Control! From air conditioner replacements to air filter installations, air conditioning repairs to programmable thermostats installation, our team will make sure your home is comfortable AND energy-efficient. Contact us today!