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What Can You Expect When You Have Your HVAC Unit Replaced

hvac unit replacementIf your HVAC system is nearing the end of its lifespan, you might be considering a replacement. While a new system is a significant investment, it can bring several benefits to your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. But what exactly happens during an HVAC replacement? Let’s break down the process step-by-step so you know what to expect.

Before the Installation – Choosing the Right Contractor

The first step is finding a reputable professional heating and cooling company. Ask friends and neighbors for recommendations, and research online reviews. When contacting potential contractors, inquire about their experience with HVAC replacement, certifications, and licensing. Get quotes from several companies, and ensure they include a detailed breakdown of the work involved and the cost of the new unit. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about the system’s features, efficiency ratings, and warranty coverage.

During the consultation, a contractor will assess your existing HVAC system and your home’s needs. Factors like square footage, insulation levels, and climate will influence the recommended system size and type. Discuss your budget and desired features –  consider high-efficiency models for long-term savings or smart thermostats for remote control. Once you’ve chosen a contractor and system, they’ll obtain the necessary permits for the heating and air conditioning install.

Preparing for the Day – What to Expect During Installation

When you choose a professional heating and cooling company like Clay’s Climate Control, we’ll schedule a convenient time for the installation. Be prepared for some disruption, as the process typically takes a full day or even two, depending on the complexity of your system. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Clearance and Access: Our technicians will need access to your entire HVAC system, including the indoor unit and outdoor condenser. Make sure furniture and belongings are cleared from around these areas.
  • Disassembly and Removal: Our technicians will carefully remove your old HVAC unit. This may involve draining refrigerant and disconnecting electrical wiring.
  • Ductwork Check: Our technicians will assess your ductwork for leaks or damage. In some cases, repairs or cleaning might be recommended to optimize airflow and efficiency.
  • New System Installation: Our technicians will install the new air conditioning unit according to manufacturer specifications. This involves connecting electrical wiring, refrigerant lines, and condensate drain lines.
    • Important Note: Throughout the installation, we prioritize safety and cleanliness.  Our team lays down protective drop cloths and disposes of your old unit responsibly.

Post-Installation – System Startup 

Once the installation is complete, our technicians will perform a thorough system check. This includes pressure tests to ensure no refrigerant leaks, electrical safety checks, and a test run of the heating and cooling functions. Our team will also take the time to explain how to operate your new HVAC system, including proper thermostat settings and any user-friendly features.  We will answer questions you may have about system maintenance and care.

Living With Your New HVAC System – Enjoying the Benefits

With your new HVAC system up and running, you can expect significant improvements in your home comfort. Here are some of the benefits you can look forward to:

  • Improved Efficiency: Modern HVAC systems are designed to operate with less energy, potentially lowering your utility bills.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Your new system should provide consistent and reliable temperature control throughout your home, eliminating hot or cold spots.
  • Quieter Operation: New systems tend to be quieter than older models, creating a more peaceful home environment.
  • Better Air Quality: Some advanced systems offer air filtration capabilities, improving indoor air quality and potentially reducing allergy and asthma symptoms.
  • Thinking Long-Term: Remember, proper maintenance is key to maximizing the lifespan and efficiency of your new HVAC system. Schedule regular professional maintenance checks with Clay’s Climate Control.

Why Partner With Us for Your HVAC Replacement?

Replacing your HVAC system is an investment in your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. By understanding the process and working with a reputable contractor like Clay’s Climate Control, you can ensure a smooth installation and enjoy the benefits of a modern HVAC system for years to come. Contact us at 609-380-7330 to schedule an appointment.

hvac maintenance

Stop Sweating Your Home’s Comfort: Why You Should Enroll in Clay’s Climate Control’s 3C Club Maintenance Plan

hvac maintenance planAs homeowners, our comfort is paramount. But when the summer heat or winter chill sets in, a malfunctioning HVAC system can quickly turn our homes into sweaty saunas or frigid iceboxes.  Fortunately, there’s a way to prevent these stressful situations and keep your home environment comfortable year-round: enrolling in a heating and cooling maintenance plan with Clay’s Climate Control.

What Is HVAC Maintenance?

More than just a tune-up, maintenance is a comprehensive checkup for your heating and cooling system. Our qualified technicians will perform a thorough inspection, cleaning, and lubricating key components to ensure optimal performance. This includes:

  • Cleaning coils: Dirty coils can significantly reduce efficiency and increase energy consumption.
  • Inspecting and adjusting belts: Worn or loose belts can cause your system to work harder and lead to premature failure.
  • Lubricating moving parts: Proper lubrication reduces friction and keeps your system running smoothly.
  • Checking refrigerant levels: Low refrigerant levels can impact cooling performance and damage your system.
  • Testing thermostats: An inaccurate thermostat can lead to uneven temperatures and discomfort in your home.

Peace of Mind and Proactive Care

Let’s face it, dealing with a broken HVAC system is a hassle. Not only is it uncomfortable, but unexpected repairs can also put a strain on your wallet. Clay’s Climate Control’s 3C Maintenance Plan offers a proactive approach to your home’s comfort. Early detection of potential problems can prevent costly repairs down the road, saving you money and keeping your home comfortable.

Savings on Utility Bills

A well-maintained HVAC system runs more efficiently, translating to lower energy consumption and reduced utility bills. Clay’s 3C Club Maintenance Plan helps your system run smoother, potentially lowering your monthly energy costs. Think of it as an investment that pays off in the long run!

Priority Service When You Need It Most

Let’s be honest, emergencies rarely happen at convenient times. With a Clay’s Climate Control HVAC maintenance plan, you’ll enjoy priority service, meaning you’ll move to the front of the line if your system does decide to act up on the hottest or coldest day of the year. This ensures your comfort is restored quickly and minimizes disruption to your daily routine.

Additional Benefits for Your Home Comfort

The advantages of Clay’s 3C Club Maintenance Plan go beyond just preventing breakdowns and saving money.  Regular HVAC maintenance can also:

  • Extend the lifespan of your HVAC system, potentially saving you thousands of dollars on premature replacements.
  • Improve indoor air quality by reducing dust and allergens that circulate throughout your home.
  • Provide you with peace of mind knowing your HVAC system is operating safely and efficiently.

Investing in Your Home’s Comfort

Clay’s Climate Control offers two flexible membership options for our 3C Maintenance Plan: annual and monthly. Our plans are competitively priced, with costs varying depending on your specific system. For example, an annual plan for a central air conditioning system is only $161.00, which breaks down to just $14.30 per month. A small investment that costs less than some streaming services and gives you year-round comfort and peace of mind! 

Ready to Breathe Easy?

Don’t wait for a breakdown or malfunctioning unit to take action. By enrolling in Clay’s Climate Control’s 3C Club Maintenance Plan, you’re investing in the comfort, efficiency, and longevity of your HVAC system and your home. Contact Clay’s Climate Control today at 609-236-8208 to discuss our heating and cooling maintenance plans and find the perfect option for your home comfort needs!