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How To Save Money On Utilities

If you’re a homeowner you know the costs of running air conditioning, heating, home appliances and lights can add up. In fact, your heating and cooling system can add up to half of your monthly utility bill! What you may not know is that you can cut down on costs if you started monitoring your use.


Here are a few simple ways to start creating energy savings in your home today:


Study Your Energy Bill

The most important place to begin your energy savings is to read your monthly electric bill.  Look for the amount of kilowatts you are using and check to make sure it correlates correctly to the charge. Simply looking at your bill more closely can make you more aware of your usage and may help to remind yourself to lower your usage when possible.  


Request An Audit

Did you know that you are welcome to request an audit from your local utility company? Many companies offer this service free of charge and will send a professional to your home to look at your overall energy use and where you may be able to save. This is the most efficient and easy way to improve your energy savings.


Look Into Smart Appliances 

Smart appliances are built to preserve energy which can have a direct impact on your monthly bill. There are many options in today’s market for energy efficient appliances. You will be happy when you look at your next energy bill and the planet will thank you. Everybody wins!


Window Coverings

This is something that many people often don’t think about, but could have a large impact on your bill. You can help your heating or cooling system to not work as hard depending on the time of year by adding window coverings to either keep the cold air out in the winter or shut out the sun while you’re not home in the warm summer months. When it’s a bright sunny day in the winter you can use the natural sunlight to warm up a space by pulling the window coverings open. You will still of course need your heating and cooling systems, but this simple trick can make them work less hard, thus using less energy in the process and save you money in the long run.


Simple tasks can easily help you cut back on energy bills. To learn more about how you can cut costs on your own heating and cooling systems, visit our website and use our Energy Savings Calculator to determine your home’s usage today!