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Waving Winter Blues Away: 3 Items to Check Off Your HVAC To-Do List For the End of Winter

Winter HVAC MaintenanceBefore the winter weather winds down, it’s time to think about which items you need to check off your HVAC to-do list. If your heating system kept you and your home comfortable all winter, that’s great, but that doesn’t mean that it will be able to work properly and efficiently throughout the warmer months. To help you avoid an increase in utility bills and decrease in comfort during the warmer months, the HVAC experts at Clay’s Climate Control are here with the top 3 HVAC things you should be inspecting right now!

Swap Out Your HVAC Filter

Spring will be here soon, and this change of season makes it the perfect time to change out your HVAC filter. When an air filter gets dirty, it can negatively impact the way that your system is able to perform, causing it to consume more energy and increase your utility bill. In addition to helping your HVAC equipment perform better, doing an air filter replacement will also improve the air quality inside of your home.

Give the Ductwork Some Attention

Just as a clean air filter helps your HVAC system perform better, so does having air ducts that are clean. By having your ductwork cleaned out, you will be ensuring that the air that flows through it more efficiently. So before the warm weather arrives, be sure to check your ductwork for signs of clogging (IE with debris and dust) or damage.

Give Your Thermostat a Once-Over

Over time, the batteries in your thermostat can lose power, and when they do, it makes your thermostat not able to operate the way it needs to. While this may not lead to safety or health issues, this will lead to discomfort issues, because it will reduce the comfort level inside your home. To avoid this, simply change out the batteries with new ones!

Whether you need help inspecting your ductwork, updating your air conditioner condenser or addressing any other HVAC concerns, the team at Clay’s Climate Control will help you check off your HVAC to-do list! Contact us today to schedule an HVAC appointment.


The Final Countdown: Clay’s Climate Control is a National Contractor of the Year Finalist

The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACAA) has chosen Clay’s Climate Control as a national contractor of the year finalist. Clay’s received this honor thanks to its healthy and safe work environment that it has established, as well as its ability to showcase the HVACR industry as a positive and thriving industry.

According to the ACAA president and CEO, Barton James, the “ACCA received many great applications in both categories this year.” He went on to state that this year’s finalists all stand out as leaders in not only [the] industry, but also their communities. The competition for the top spot is going to be tight and we wish all six companies’ good luck.”

The ACAA award is given out annually to one commercial contractor and one residential contractor. In addition to establishing a superb work environment, the companies chosen as finalists must also show that they have grown in the HVACR industry due to their innovative techniques.

It is no surprise that Clay’s Climate Control has found itself as a national contractor of the year finalist. For over 20 years, Clay Pierce, the co-owner of Clay’s Climate Control, has been providing people in south Jersey with professional, stress-free, high-quality HVAC services. Clay also prides himself in only hiring the most qualified, highly trained and certified HVAC technicians to ensure that his entire team is providing exceptional HVAC service. Additionally, he and his wife, Jen — who is also a co-owner of Clay’s Climate Control — pride themselves in doing what they can to improve and benefit their community. They do this by making sizable donations to the National Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Association.

The 2020 Contractor of the Year award will be announced at the ACCA’s 2020 Conference & Expo, March 16 – 18, 2020 in St. Louis, MO. Experience the top-notch HVAC service Clay’s Climate Control provides for yourself today! When you do, you’ll understand why they are a national contractor of the year finalist. Contact us today!