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Benefits of Air-Sealed Ductwork

Heating and cooling your home in our area of New Jersey can already be expensive even if your home is relatively efficient; however, if your air ducts are not sealed and insulated properly, you could be wasting your heating and cooling energy, increasing utility bills, and adding wear and tear to your HVAC system by forcing it to work harder than it needs to! There are several benefits of air-sealed ductwork, including:

  • Saves energy and money: Anything that puts more stress on your HVAC system will inescapably raise your energy bills. When you have duct leaks, your furnace and air conditioner must work harder to sufficiently heat and cool your home. By sealing those leaks, your HVAC system will run more efficiently and your energy bills will be kept in check.
  • Improves indoor air quality: Beyond saving energy and money, sealing your air ducts can prevent dust, pollen, and other potential allergens from entering the system through leaking ducts. This will help prevent corrupting your indoor air quality and potentially causing breathing difficulties for those with asthma or allergies.
  • Improved comfort: When conditioned air or heat is leaking out of your ducts, it doesn’t get completely transported to all of the rooms that need it. This makes it very difficult to evenly heat and cool your home. By sealing up your ductwork, your home will have more consistent temperature levels and you’ll decrease the amount of stuffy rooms and hot and cold spots around your house.
  • Improves safety: If you have a leaking duct near a gas-powered appliance, the gasses that are normally vented out of your home, such as carbon monoxide, get sucked back into your home’s indoor air. This can be very dangerous, which is why it’s so important to seal any duct leaks.

Even though it may not be considered standard procedure to all, we are very proud to say that we seal all of our ductwork, all of the time.  If you have any questions about duct sealing, or if you’d like your heating and cooling system serviced or installed in your home, contact Clay’s Climate Control today!