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What to Expect From Residential Heating Service Experts

residential heating serviceRoutine maintenance is the most vital thing you can do as a homeowner to keep your heating and cooling systems working efficiently, avoid costly repairs, and prolong the life of your equipment. Residential heating maintenance can ensure that your units are functioning correctly and don’t break down when you need them the most. While there are several tasks you can perform yourself, the most critical checks require a qualified HVAC technician. Whether you’re a new homeowner or just started maintaining your system, you might wonder what happens during a routine heating maintenance visit. Today the trusted experts at Clay’s Climate Control walk you through what you can expect when a skilled tech inspects your system. 

What Happens During Residential Heating Maintenance?

Whether you have a ductless system installation or a more traditional HVAC unit, as time goes by, parts can become worn, and dust and other debris can decrease the efficiency of your system. These inefficiencies can lead to more severe problems down the road. Some homeowners believe changing their air filter is enough to keep their unit running efficiently. But the truth is, switching out air filters is only a small component of complete maintenance. Below we highlight what you can expect during your heating maintenance visit and how it keeps your system running optimally throughout the season:   

Thorough Inspection

Once your technician arrives, the maintenance typically takes around one to two hours to complete. The tech will start by thoroughly inspecting your entire system for any issues or irregularities. This includes electrical connections, thermostat operation, filters, blower motor operation, indoor and outdoor coils, and more. In addition, your service technician will inform you about potential hazards so you can take care of them immediately to avoid malfunctions or breakdowns in the future. 

Identify Problems and Provide Solutions

The goal of your technician’s visit is to identify problems and prepare your system for the upcoming season. If irregularities are found, your tech will provide a solution and the necessary service to fix the problem. It could be as simple as buying a newer part, or in some cases, the repair can’t be finished the same day as the inspection. 

HVAC Cleanup

Dust, dirt, and debris can build up within your system. Your tech will clean the burner assembly, ignition assembly, and blower motor while lubricating any moving parts. A cleanup will keep your system in peak condition. 

Questions and Reporting

After the thorough inspection and cleaning, your technician will answer any questions you may have and go over their findings with you. Even if no action is needed, this is a great time to ask them any HVAC-related questions. They may suggest thermostat changes and other minor tweaks to improve your system’s efficiency. 

Residential Heating Services by Clay’s Climate Control

Did you know scheduling regular preventative maintenance for your HVAC system can lengthen the lifespan of your unit by up to 48%? Whether you’re searching for emergency heating services near me or are interested in a ductless system installation, the professionals at Clay’s Climate Control are here to help. Contact us at 609-916-1106 to schedule a heating service today.

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Preparing Your AC Unit for the Off Season

While the warm weather will likely persist well into fall, it won’t be long until New Jersey homeowners switch from the AC to heat inside their homes. As the summer months slip away, now’s the best time to start preparing your home’s central air conditioning unit for the off-season. Winterizing your unit can safeguard it against the cold weather, snow, and ice and ensure it’s in optimal working order come springtime. Below, Clay’s Climate Control shares how cleaning your AC unit can extend its life and prepare it for the cold winter months ahead.  

Change the Filter

Your AC system has worked hard all summer, and now it gets a break. The first thing you should do to prepare your unit for the off-season is to remove the air filter from the air handling unit and replace it with a clean new one. Keeping your air filters clean is not only crucial for the quality of air in your home but also for the efficiency of your air conditioner. If the filters are dirty or clogged, it can cause your unit to freeze up.

Remove Debris from the Outside Unit

Clear the area around your AC unit and remove debris like grass clippings, twigs, insects, dead leaves, or branches that can blow into the condenser. If remnants are left on or in the unit, it can increase the likelihood of corrosion and other damages. Use your garden hose to remove the buildup and allow your system to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Clean the Evaporator and Condenser Coil

Just like your filters, the cooling coils also need to be cleaned. If you feel comfortable doing so, you can clean the evaporator and condenser coils yourself. Your AC unit’s coils need to be cleaned regularly. If you’re unfamiliar with the parts of your air conditioner system, you don’t have to worry! You can contact Clay’s, and we can help maintain your unit. Cleaning your AC unit is vital, especially as you prepare it for the cold winter months. 

Cover the Unit

An essential part of the winterizing process is protecting your outdoor system with an AC condenser cover. Your equipment will last longer and will be protected from harsh weather conditions. An AC condenser cover with ventilation openings will allow air to flow and move. Without proper ventilation, your unit can rust, and sensitive components will become damaged. 

Call for Service

The best way to prepare your air conditioner for the winter is to take advantage of annual maintenance or inspection from your HVAC company. When you do so, a technician will visit your home and examine various components of your system to determine if it’s in good working order or if problems exist. After the assessment, your tech will provide solutions and estimates on how to take care of your unit and best prepare it for the cold months ahead. Whether you’re interested in replacing your AC unit in the off-season or would like to schedule a maintenance service, know you can count on Clay’s Climate Control. 

How Clay’s Climate Control Can Help Prepare Your AC Unit for the Off Season

Summertime in Jersey is hot, and your AC likely got a workout this season. As fall swiftly approaches, you won’t be using your air conditioner as much. By following these simple winterization steps, you can keep your AC system clean and in top working condition for next summer. The best time to prepare your unit is now, so don’t hesitate to contact Clay’s Climate Control for expert AC repair and maintenance services. Just make the call, and Clay’s Climate Control will handle it all! Contact us at 609-916-1106 to schedule an appointment.