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Take Cover This Season: Here’s How a Condenser Cover Will Benefit Your AC Unit

Condenser Cover

As the temperature drops outside, so does the amount that you need to use your air conditioner, and before you know it, your outdoor AC unit will be retired for the season. But because the east coast can get slammed by strong winds, storms and hurricanes, it can damage your unit. To ensure your outdoor AC unit can spring back to life when you need it to, the AC experts at Clay’s Climate Control have come up with 4 ways that an air conditioner condenser cover will benefit your air conditioning equipment.

Avoid Salt Water Wreaking Havoc

If your home is located near a beach, a condenser cover is crucial for protecting the condition of your air conditioning unit. Because saltwater can corrode metal, your HVAC equipment may age faster if you don’t take the necessary precautions. Luckily, a condenser cover will keep the highly corrosive salty air out of your unit, which will help keep its condition healthy, increase its life expectancy and its overall efficiency.

Prevent Damage From Debris

From leaves to twigs to roofing shingles, debris can fall at any moment. By having your air conditioning unit protected by an HVAC condenser cover, you will be keeping it safe from the unpredictable elements and help prolong its life.

Keep It Safe When Ice Falls Off Your Roof

Icicles that form on your roof may look beautiful, but if they fall onto an uncovered AC unit, they can cause serious harm. Not only can falling ice affect the exterior of your AC equipment, but it may even damage its coil fins, fan motor, and fan blades, making for an expensive repair when the warmer weather is back in season. Consider protecting your system with an air conditioner condenser cover.

But Before You Cover, Clean It

Over time, your outdoor air conditioning gets covered by salt, sand, debris, and a variety of other elements. Because of this, it is extremely important to thoroughly clean your unit before covering it. By washing your unit off with water—and letting it air dry for approximately one day—before covering it with an AC unit cover, you can be sure that your AC unit will be in a quality condition when you uncover it in the future.

Ready to protect your air conditioning unit? Contact Clay’s Climate Control today! Not only do we provide high-quality and reliable HVAC services, but we’re also offering a limited-time special for our condenser cover services, so you can save your unit’s well-being AND your wallet. Contact us today!