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How to Tell the Severity of a Furnace Problem

broken furnaceSomething no homeowner wants to deal with is a furnace breakdown, especially in the middle of winter. Furnaces generally operate without incident when correctly installed and maintained by a professional heating contractor. But when a problem occurs, you need to know the difference between a simple furnace repair and an emergency. Continue reading to learn more about real issues you can encounter to help you know when to reach out for help from the experienced team at Clay’s Climate Control! 

Electrical Issues

Do you notice flickering lights when your furnace turns on? It’s one of the most apparent indications something is wrong with your wiring. Electrical failures and malfunctions are incredibly dangerous and responsible for over 40,000 homes fires a year, resulting in thousands of injuries and billions of dollars in property damage. Avoid being another statistic and contact a professional immediately to diagnose the problem. 

Strange or Loud Noises

Different types of noises can point to various problems with your furnace: 

  • Pops – Pinging or popping noises aren’t typically a cause for concern and happen when the ducts are expanding and contracting as the system heats and cools, known as thermal expansion. 
  • Rattling – Rattling sounds are a sign of loose panels that could use a tightening. Routine furnace maintenance can eliminate this problem. 
  • Squealing – Squealing noises are caused by belt problems. If the belt connecting your motor to the fan slips or becomes damaged and needs to be replaced, you will hear this telltale noise. 
  • Grinding – Typically, grinding sounds warrant a call from a professional. It’s a sign your motor bearings need to be repaired or replaced. 

HVAC Is Turning On and Off Constantly 

Rapid cycling is caused by a few factors, usually old or dirty air filters. If you replace your air filters and still notice your furnace turning on and off again too quickly, you’ll want to reach out to a reliable HVAC company to eliminate any concerning issues with your blower motor or belts. 

Unpleasant Odors

Foul smells coming from your home should never be ignored, especially if you smell sulfur (a rotten egg smell). These unpleasant odors often indicate a gas leak which can be life-threatening. If you suspect a gas leak, leave home immediately. Don’t touch anything in your home that uses electricity. Get outside and somewhere safe and call for emergency service. You shouldn’t return to your home until the problem is fixed. 

Blowing Cold Air

Obviously, your furnace’s primary job is to heat your home, so when your heat suddenly turns off for no reason, it implies a problem. First, you should check your thermostat to see what the temperature is set at or if the batteries are dead. If that doesn’t fix the problem, check the air filters to see if they are clogged. You can also reset your circuit breaker. Ensure your furnace blower is unobstructed, and look for a visible flashing green light. If the light is red, or there isn’t one, the problem could be with the blower motor, the run capacitor, the furnace control board, or the transformer. Many of these instances can be avoided with regular furnace maintenance

The Best Heating Contractors in South Jersey

As southern Jersey braces for the coldest part of the winter, the last thing you want to worry about is a broken or malfunctioning furnace. At Clay’s, we understand a heating emergency can be stressful, and we’re here to help! If you suspect any of the above issues are happening with your heater, stop what you’re doing and contact our team today. We can help with furnace repairs, boiler repairs, heat pump repairs, and more to ensure you and your family are comfortable this season.