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At Clay’s Climate Control, we offer heating repair. We work on commercial properties, residential heating services, ductless systems, air-sealed ductwork, electric to gas conversions, oil to gas conversions, high-velocity systems, fast replacements, and we do services for all different makes and models. We have 24-hour emergency heating services available as well. Our goal is to keep you comfortable all year long. We take pride in our efficient and timely service for all of our residential heating repair services and needs for our customers. When our highly-trained and certified technicians come to your home, they will find the problem with your heating unit and start the repairs so your home can go back to normal right away. Our heating technicians have a plethora of experience and knowledge working on heaters. We want to be sure that you’re picking the right heating system for your needs and your home. We want you to have enough information so you can make the right decision for your heating project. After we go over everything with you, we’ll help you pick a heating system that is going to work for you, and you’ll receive a year-round service agreement with us that will cover any miscellaneous repairs. 


Clay’s Climate Control Is a Recommended Heating Repair Company

We offer a replacement, service, and installation for the tank and tankless water heaters. Why pick a tankless water heater? They’ve been used in Europe for decades, and they’re a great way to save energy. Storage tank water heaters are the most typical water heater you find in a home, but a tankless water heater is a great alternative to a storage-tank water heater. A tankless water heater is called an “on-demand” water heater because it doesn’t warm the water up preemptively, just when you turn on the hot water tap. A storage tank water heater can store 40 to 120 gallons of water at once and can constantly reheat the water. When you turn on the hot water tap, a tankless water heater’s gas or electric heater turns on and then heats the water running through coils in the unit. The water is only heated when it’s needed, and you save on costs and your water heater won’t constantly need to be reheating water. This is great for a large family or a commercial building that’s attempting to save money. 


Clay’s Climate Control Is Here for You

We have a customer-first mindset. We guarantee that we will always make it right. We know that when choosing an HVAC contractor, you’re putting a lot of trust into an expert to take care of your home or business’s comfort and safety. Our technicians are nationally certified by NATE. We’ve trained our HVAC technicians with thorough, hands-on training and knowledge. We communicate with you every step of the way and want you to feel heard in this important process. We are proud to be serving Mays Landing with all of your heating needs. If you’ve been searching for a top recommended heating repair contractor near me, Clay’s Climate Control is here for you!